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Awaji Ibushi Tiles offer flexibility: not only are they suited to traditional Japanese buildings, they are also the ideal dash of stylish design for Western-style houses, as well as hotels, art galleries and the like. With several hundred designs to choose from, you know that Awaji Ibushi Tiles will afford you the freedom of expression you desire. The chic ibushi oxidized silver sheen if perfectly harmonious with rural vistas and urban scenes alike, while the manufacturing techniques, mastered over hundreds of years, means you get a superbly ventilated, earthquake-resistant roof. Awaji Ibushi Tiles offer
This is the most widely used style in Japan, and, despite its style, looks fantastic on all kinds of roofs-Japanese or otherwise. The flat tile gives a stark, modern look with its bold, straight lines. The perfect design accent for Western and other modern architecture. The prominent peak-and-trough style of this tile gives a unique appearance. Japanese,Spanish@whatever style of structure, this well designed tile will top it off perfectly.